Re: Important note!!! for the logically impaired or specially daft SRIAN

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If you picture two groups with pool/billiard players in  a room that
use different size of the table they play on, both groups still
measure the table to the same size due to use of (tabledependent)

Between/over the tables is a wooden board with a toy railroad running
all along the sides of the two pooltables. A toytrain is circling back
and forth it.

Let us further stipulate that each table use a clock with different
tick rate for the unit second, now both groups measure how long it
take for the ball to traverse the table. Both groups get same timing
on their respective clock. And howl eachother over the room to
acknowledge their measurement. They are in agreement about how long
take for the train to traverse their billiard tables.

The room they play within have a nice streaky wallpaper. Exactly at
half distance between the two table is an ashtray that both groups

1. Now they want to know how far away the ashtray is, each group sen
person to get it, will they get same distance to the ashtray and
2. Will each group measure the same timing of the person getting the
3. Will they measure the same velocity for the person who walk to get
4. How can they calibrate their distance and timing measurements.
Important note!!! for the logically impaired will also work
for daft monkeys

Whatever you do, do not start to push the smaller table to simulate a
moving object and the Lorentz transformation.

Because when that train makes an U-turn in the optical cable after
traversing the table, the guys who stand to the left (arrival) side of
the table get different timings than the one standing to the (right)
departure side of the table.

Then you really smoked your last banana dreaming of Einstein, SR and
the *INVARIANT speed of light*.

I was going to tell you a story about the new automatic katamaran
spaceshuttle between moon and earth that use one lightpulsecannon
placed on earth and one on moon, each fireing a lightpulse once a
second to steer/guide the shuttle katamaran.

It is quite a fast shuttle named MS Newton that travel 0,5 c towards
moon on it's virgin tour.
It is not a small toy either each ponton is of 36 km length.

But then i thought how could logically impaired puppets possibly
understand, that the right ponton that is tracking the beam from earth
to moon sent once in a second will pass the backward sensor of the
right ponton less often, than the beam from moon to earth will pass
the backward sensor of the left ponton.

How could they possibly understand anything about the connection
between measured lightpulse intervalls and speed. And how could they
possibly understand that the timing for the light pulse passing the
right ponton will be slower than for the light pulse passing the left

I mean you really don't expect these people to have a driving licence
and knowing anything about travelling a twofiled motorway. You go
steady there in your car 60 km/h while cars passing you driving 120 km/
h holding their minimum safety distance of 100 meter between
eachother. On the other side of the road cars also travels 120 km/h
but in the opposite direction.

I mean you really do not expect these people to know how to count cars
passing and meeting during a 20 km journey. This is way over they head
they are out of their element, heck they do not even know hot to make
an U-turn.


<< Einstein's relativity principle states that:

All inertial frames are totally equivalent
for the performance of all physical experiments.

In other words, it is impossible to perform a physical
experiment which differentiates in any fundamental sense
between different inertial frames. By definition, Newton's
laws of motion take the same form in all inertial frames.
Einstein generalized this result in his special theory of
relativity by asserting that all laws of physics take the
same form in all inertial frames. >>