Re: Twin paradox wikipedia version

On Mar 6, 5:44 am, Kevin Donnelly <ke...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The twin paradox in wikipedia adds the privileged or preferred frame of
the star, then gives a sophisticated unnecessary explanation of the
paradox ignoring this fact.
Is is simple or trivial and preferential for the twins to measure
changes in light intensity or Doppler shift of the star to determine
Also without the star there is no measurable length contraction, unless
space itself is not lorentz invariant.

The twins have no obligation to preserve the
constancy of light speed for inertially moving
light that was abandoned over 80 years ago.

They can use real clock mechanisms that
do not detect an absolute Newtonian ether
by responding to motion through it.

H.G Wells fans probably don't consider that
an advance in technology but scientists do,
because paradox is the domain of the sidewalk
shell gamer.

"The relativity principle"