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Hello - you may remember that, some time ago, I asked for information
from the posters to this group for research I'm doing. My thanks to
everyone who responded; it was most helpful.

A new question: Who here would say that Jews are inferior or evil or

No. Why would you ask that question in a relativity newsgroup?

Because, in case you haven't noticed, anti-semitism is not totally
unrelated to a hatred for outstanding Jews, including Einstein, and that
is in turn not totally unrelated to a dislike for Einstein's best known

The supposed epithet "Jewish science" is what the Nazi's slung at
relativity, if I recall correctly.  Many who have followed since have used
the same criterion the Nazis used to pigeonhole relativity.

The silly thing about the OP's request is that nobody with the brains God
gave a goose is going to state in a relativity forum that he or she is
antisemitic.  You can spot them by their actions and occasional snide
comments about various supposed traits of Einstein, but they never just
stand up and wave a flag and say "Hey I don't like relativity because
Einstein was Jewish".

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Ohanian (who may be Jewish himself) gives the background to this
phrase ("Einstein's Mistakes" p. 97). He first attributes it to
Sommerfeld (an admirer of Einstein), who wrote (approvingly) of "the
conceptually abstract nature of the Semite". Ohanian goes on to
interpret this remark repeating the wide-spread view (at that time)
that "Jews are intellectually inventive & inclined to abstruse,
convoluted arguments". Max Born (another Jewish physicist & very good
friend of Einstein) described Jewish physics as "an attempt to find
the laws of nature just by thinking". Einstein agreed with him when
he wrote to Born "I am confident that 'Jewish physics' is not to be
killed." To which, Born replied "I have always appreciated your good
Jewish physics". All of these quotes are referenced in the text.