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If an observer on the train measures the inertial
motion of the the train, he violates  the principle
of relativity.

<< Einstein's relativity principle states that:

     All inertial frames are totally equivalent
     for the performance of all physical experiments.

In other words, it is impossible to perform a physical
experiment which differentiates in any fundamental sense
between different inertial frames. By definition, Newton's
laws of motion take the same form in all inertial frames.
Einstein generalized[1] this result in his special theory of
relativity by asserting that all laws of physics take the
same form in all inertial frames. >>


I agree

By the way, Einstein made mistakes

The inclusion of the name is the author's choice,
not mine and it is not even common practice to
include it. If you have seen some complaints that
the quoted statement of PoR doesn't mean what we think it
it means, the complaints may offer some insight why
the author went out of his way to mention Einstein.

Some intense study and comparison of the two forms
of Maxwell's equations presented in the lectures may be
necessary to convince some readers that the statement means
exactly what it says.   The folks that like to
exploit the flaws in non-relativistic Maxwell's
equations and choose thought experiments over
real experiments to perpetuate misunderstanding
don't really want a rational solution to the postlates
of SR and will never invest the time.

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What non-relativistic Maxwell's equation?

Maxwell's equations without moved bodies
Maxwell's equations (extended for moved bodies)

# Time-independent Maxwell equations
# Time-dependent Maxwell's equations

Maxwll's electromagnetic theory is the first relativistically correct
theory in physics, although relativity was yet to be described at the
time.  It was Maxwell's electromagnetic theory that instigated the
search for an ether and an absolute frame of reference.

Loretnz discovered the Lorentz Transwformation as an answer to how
Maxwell's theory transformes.

<< Pseudoscience displays an indifference to
facts. Instead of bothering to consult reference
works or investigating directly, its advocates
simply spout bogus "facts" where needed. These
fictions are often central to the pseudoscientist's
argument and conclusions. Moreover, pseudoscientists
rarely revise. The first edition of a pseudoscience
book is almost always the last, even though the book
remains in print for decades or even centuries.
Even books with obvious mistakes, errors, and
misprints on every page may be reprinted as is,
over and over. Compare this to science textbooks
that see a new edition every few years because of
the rapid accumulation of new facts and insights. >>


Uncle Ben