Re: Relativity in Curved Spacetime, PDF Edition

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Dear Eric Baird:

On Apr 7, 9:44 am, Eric Baird <-...@xxx> wrote:
On Tue, 06 Apr 2010 21:18:46 -0700, eric gisse
Just in case anyone's interested, I've now
put the "Relativity ICS" book online as a
(chargeable) PDF ebook.
Nobody been buying your crap book so you
came back here to spam it?
Now, remind me again ... who's accusing
//who// of clogging up the newsgroup with
junk posts?

Perhaps English is not your first language. You stand accused of
violating the charter of this newsgroup, by posting a commercial

That you wish to distract the conversation to some strawman argument,
about "validity" or "appropriateness" is a separate issue. Frankly,
Mr. Gisse currently contributes more on-topic content than you do "per

By the way, your abuse of charter has been reported.

David A. Smith

Hm. That's odd.
Which version of the charter are you looking at, David?


I'vee done some checking:
(20 Jun 2001),

Also, Baez's site at

directs visitors to
"There is an archive copy of the charter for this group." ::

, which isn't dated. There's also
which points to

Going in by the "Google Groups" interface, and searching for the
charter gives the most recent candidate for most relevant post as

:: "What is the sci.physics.relativity charter? Right here: [...]"
which redirects, indirectly, to


When I checked, none of these online copies of the charter contained
the clause that you say you've reported me for violating, so ...

... could you post a URL to the version that you were using for
reference when you filed the report, so that I can look it over?


Oh, and I'll also probably need the contact details of the person or
organisation that you reported me to.

=Erk= (Eric Baird)