Re: Is there any experiment to detect the time?

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See also:
"The relativity principle"

No... There is Nothing subjective about the time a bullet flies
over the last meter on the path to a rabbit.


Yes... This process, the movement of the bullet is an objective
reality but out representation of it is subjective. We correlate in
our consciousness this event with another one, the shot, and think
about what was the first and what is the second. Then we order it in
our mind in the line with other events and think it is the time.

So without any motion there would no any time. I mean any motion
including the biocurrents in the brain.

The rabbit has no interest in your representation and neither does
the cook, waiting to put him in a stew pot.  They are both very
interested in the *time* that elapses as the bullet completes
the final meter of its flight.

Again... See if you can figure out what time is:


But we don't care for rabbit or cook. Are they have any interest or
not is not our representation of time. We see only some events,

The interval between 'some' events is time. It doesn't matter how fast
or slow individual atomic clocks tick during the interval between the
events; the same amount of time passes.

The using word "interval" instead of "time" does nothing. Any tick can
be choosed
for time standard.