Re: Where is the Physics Behind Einstein's Second Postulate?

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This was the first move in the take-over, by default, of theoretical
physics by the Mathematicians' Union. It wasn't a complete take-over
until the 1930s when the mathematics of the new quantum mechanics
so obscure and esoteric that the ordinary physicist gave up trying
follow the wilder ramifications of the theory.

That's why quantum mechanics is completely unimportant in things like
superconductors, semiconductors, MRI's!

Quantum mechanics was taught to me as a part of my degree program. Just
because you have no concept of modern physics, doesn't make it 'esoteric'.


Why do you choose to remain limited in your understanding of what occurs physically in nature?

'Quantum mechanics rule 'bent' in classic experiment'

'For his part, Professor Steinberg believes that the result reduces a
limitation not on quantum physics but on physicists themselves. "I
feel like we're starting to pull back a veil on what nature really
is," he said. "The trouble with quantum mechanics is that while we've
learned to calculate the outcomes of all sorts of experiments, we've
lost much of our ability to describe what is really happening in any
natural language. I think that this has really hampered our ability to
make progress, to come up with new ideas and see intuitively how new
systems ought to behave."'

"Intriguingly, the trajectories closely match those predicted by an
unconventional interpretation of quantum mechanics known as pilot-wave
theory, in which each particle has a well-defined trajectory that
takes it through one slit while the associated wave passes through
both slits."

'Ether and the Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein'

"the state of the [ether] is at every place determined by connections
with the matter and the state of the ether in neighbouring places, ...
disregarding the causes which condition its state."

The state of the ether at every place determined by its connections
with the matter and the state of the ether in neighboring places is
the state of displacement of the ether.

A particle physically displaces the aether. A moving particle has an
associated aether displacement wave. In a double slit experiment the
particle enters and exits a single slit. It is the associated aether
displacement wave which enters and exits both slits. As the aether wave
exits the slits it creates wave interference. As the particle exits a
single slit the direction it travels is altered by the wave
interference it encounters. Detecting the particle causes there to be
a loss of coherence of the associated aether wave, there is no wave
interference, and the direction the particle travels is not altered.

What waves in a double slit experiment is the aether of relativity.

Force exerted toward matter by aether displaced by matter is gravity.