Re: A theoretical physics FAQ

Igor Khavkine wrote:

Arnold Neumaier wrote:

A theoretical physics FAQ

This site contains answers to some more or less frequently asked
questions from theoretical physics. They were edited from my answers
to postings to the moderated newsgroup sci.physics.research
(or, for some, to the unmoderated newsgroup de.sci.physik).

Thanks for maintaining this great resource and keeping us appraised of its updates. However, the FAQ has grown quite large and it's hard to tell what has changed since the last update. Can you provide a summary of changes since the last version?

I haven't kept old versions, so I can't tell - the FAQ is continuously
updated as I learn more (or write more down of what I know already) through the newsgroup discussions. I announce in the newsgroup not
every change but only the state every now and then when I regroup
the entries to make the FAQ better structured.

Typically, entries already present change only in little details
that I learnt later. For example, if you followed my contributions on
renormalization, you know all that is in the FAQ, although there it is
often a little more polished.

So the entries you'd read are the ones that haven't been there last time. The previous list of entries can be found theough a search in

Or simply read what looks interesting. Rereading something you read
already may still be interesting; at different times one picks up
different things.

Arnold Neumaier