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But MWI is not really a scientific theory given that AFAIK it is not
capable of disproof. Although IIRC Deutsch did claim that it might be
possible to verify it using some sort of quantum computer.

You often find physicists, journalists and bloggers expounding on the
wonders and promise of "quantum computers". The concept is ubiquitous
in popular science literature.

However, a useful "quantum computer" that can answer more questions
than it inherently raises, and thus add anything new to our
understanding of nature, is as much pie-in -the- sky as the hope of
replacing cars with personal flying-vehicles ala The Jetsons.


D-Wave seem to be taking an interesting approach.

[ Mod. note: While there is much (incremental) progress being made
in the field of quantum computation, both on theoretical and
experimental sides, D-Wave may not be the best representative. -ik ]

People might be interested in a talk given by Suzanne Gildert who now
works for D-wave:

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