A classic type 13 planet ?

From: Jochen Fromm (Jochen.Fromm_at_t-online.de)
Date: 08/31/04

Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 00:53:56 +0200

You probably know what a "Class M" planet is: the
kind of planet shown in Star Trek films. Extraterrestrial
scenes in Star Trek are usually taking place on a "Class M"
planet with human-life life-forms, because they can be easily
filmed on Earth.

Do you know what a classic type 13 planet is ?
Probably we reached the level of a classic type 13 planet
already. Craig Becker wrote in Clifford A. Pickover's group
in a posting about the "Higgs boson":

> This page contains 5 "simple" explanations of what
> the Higgs boson is and why we want to find it [..]
> It reminded me of this exchange from one of my favorite
> television shows:
> 790: "This is a classic type 13 planet, which typically
> destroys itself at this stage of its development."
> Xev: "How?"
> 790: "Sometimes through war, often through environmental
> catastrophe. But more commonly, a type 13 planet is
> inadvertently dcollapsed into a pea-sized object by
> scientists attempting to determine the mass of the
> Higgs Boson particle."

It looks like the Higgs Boson is in fact a national-security
issue. What if the Chinese find it first, and try to build
a boson bomb ?