Re: Osher Doctorow vs Chris Hillman (In Abstentia) Controversy

>>From Osher Doctorow

I assume that anybody interested in the Ventura College incident which
so preoccupied Chris Hillman has read my other (Rotation) thread which
is approximately concurrent with this one, so I'll go on to some more
general issues.

Hillman has taken it upon himself to put an online list of
Cranks/Crackpots on the internet, which to my knowledge doesn't include
me (possibly because I'm almost beneath his notice in his opinion?).
Yet his 2001 email raises some interesting issues about his
motivations. Take a look at my March 23 thread "The Role of
Discontinuity in Anomalies - Doctorow," to which Chris Hillman replied
and then Ed Green. Hillman accused me of confusing "category" with
"field of mathematics," which according to him, I quote:

"which is damn funny in itself".

He then keeps quoting paragraphs from me and concludes:

"I had to stop reading here (double dash) I was laughing too hard!"

The remark (double dash) is my expression for two dashes.

What he claimed was so funny were my remarks about (his quote):

"precalculus, Bayesian statics, category theory, measure theory,
differential geometry will know - exactly - why this stuff is so
incredibly funny!!"

He gives a smily face symbol after both quotations, presumably to
indicate in-group closeness with his cronies.

The word "statics" in his quote is a misspelling, but not nearly as bad
as why my main claim that a surface has Lebesgue measure 0 (when
embedded in Euclidean 3-space) was so funny to him from the viewpoint
of measure theory and differential geometry, or my second main claim
that conditional probability has the form y/x for x not 0 and is
undefined for x = 0 is so funny. Both are of course true as anybody
who knows measure theory, differential geometry, and Bayesian
statistics knows other than Hillman.

I notice that Hillman no longer contributes to sci.physics, but that
Uncle Al seems to regard his role as somewhat similarly "purifying" the

None of the Creative Geniuses in mathematics, physics, literature, or
music that I know of were interested in "purifying the field" to any
degree comparable to Chris Hillman and Uncle Al. Apparently Einstein,
for example, whose year we celebrate currently, found it more useful to
actually Create than to destroy. Ditto for Shakespeare, Socrates,
Plato, Leonardo Da Vinci, Godel, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Chopin,
the Strausses, etc.

Osher Doctorow