Osher Doctorow vs Chris Hillman (In Abstentia) Controversy

>>From Osher Doctorow mdoctorow@xxxxxxxxxxx

In my Rotation thread, I just recently mentioned Chris Hillman's very
negative replies to my two postings to sci.physics in 2001 which was
the last year to my recollection in which my contributions to
sci.physics.research were accepted. Because of the seriousness of his
April 2, 2001 claims in my thread "An Entropy Mystery From Sci.math -
Doctorow", Apr 2 2001, I'll quote a key comment of his again:

"Care to explain these claimed affiliations, Osher? I do believe you
added the (quote) etc. after I pointed out that the faculty list at
Ventura College does not include your name. Is the (quote) etc.
perhaps a high school?"

Here I use (quote) to mean that the word "etc." was in quotes.

His remark referred to my signature on the previous posting, which was:
Osher Doctorow Ph.D. Ventura College, etc.

Here is a list of California State Universities and Community Colleges
at which I have taught mathematics including statistics:

1. Los Angeles Trade Tech College (LATTC), downtown Los Angeles (member
of Los Angeles/California Community Colleges) 4-5 years

2. Golden West College (Huntington Beach), a California Community
College (mostly first 2 courses in calculus for math majors).

3. Santa Monica College.

4. Compton College.

5. Ventura College (2 separate semesters or quarters separated by quite
a few years - see my Rotation thread), including for the first teaching
semester calculus for math majors and for the later one (to which
Hillman refers) statistics and one other course.

6. California State University Los Angeles 1 semester (statistics).
Received good evaluation by students on knowledge of subject matter but
poor for communication.

7. California State University, Northridge (CSUN) 1 semester (calculus
for business majors, differential equations). This was some time after
6 above. Here I literally told a student to leave my class and not
return after he kept arguing with me about almost every word that I
spoke because he claimed that he couldn't understand anything about
calculus. He went to the Chair, a red-faced man who apparently
believed in communicating with students but not untenured faculty, and
the Chair promptly started sitting in (randomly?) on my classes
including one where I left early because my family was starting a 3-day
or 4-day weekend. Shortly thereafter, the Chair communicated with
College 6 above, and I received a letter combining "evaluations from
both colleges" to my recollection which emphasized the negative prior
evaluation of 6. The Chair had never told me that a teacher cannot
dismiss a student from class, although "lack of knowledge of the law is
not a defense", so I suppose that I wouldn't make a good lawyer or
judge either (come to think of it, that's great!).

I have also been a Substitute Teacher in High Schools, been a part time
staff research assistant and a full time mathematician and full time
statistician in Civil Service and industry, a part time and full time
tutor and ditto private consultant in mathematics and statistics, etc.

Osher Doctorow