Re: gun angle

If you shoot a 22 rifle straight up, the bullet returns to earth at
Vv, whatever that is. What is the minimum elevation of the
rifle to insure that the forward velocity of the bullet, Vh, is
no greater than (close to) Vv when it hits the ground; a speed
that doesn't have a good chance of hurting anyone. No
hills, just level ground all around.


Answer is there isn't one. You could always hurt someone at any
elevation. ("Wilder - "Elevate me." Garr - "Right here in front of
everyone, Dr. Frankenstein????"). It could put out their eye!!!!!!
(confir "A Xmas story")

A safer version of this game would be to do it with a bow and arrow.
Try to shoot as straight up as possible; the winner (loser?) is the one
who has his/her arrow come down as close as possible to him/her. Good
demo of blind variation/natural selection.

Have a nice day!

- Don