Just trying to get thoughts, feedback, suggestions, etc. for the
website PlanetPhysics

PlanetPhysics is an off-shoot of PlanetMath (
Right now we are just in the beginning stages and trying to get the
word out. A description of the community is below:

PlanetPhysics is a virtual community which aims to help make physics
knowledge more accessible. PlanetPhysics's content is created
collaboratively: the main feature is the physics encyclopedia with
entries written and reviewed by members. The entries are contributed
under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License (FDL) in order to
preserve the rights of both the authors and readers in a sensible way.

PlanetPhysics entries are written in LaTeX, the lingua franca of the
worldwide mathematics community.

**** All of the entries are automatically cross-referenced with each
other, and the entire corpus is kept updated in real-time. *****

In addition to the physics encyclopedia, there are books, expositions,
papers, and forums. You also might want to check out encyclopedia
requests if you'd like to see something we don't have.

Accounts are free and required to do anything other than browse, so
sign up! It only takes a minute. For more information, see the FAQ,
other documentation.