Re: superconducting LC tank circuit?

On 27 fév, 01:42, "Bill Bowden" <wrongaddr...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
I have heard a resonant tank circuit (combination of inductor and
capacitor) has been assembled from superconducting materials and
sustained oscillation for a long time without any energy loss.

I can't find much on the web and wondered if anyone has a link to the
details (frequency of oscillation, energy storage, and time the
circuit has run without much energy loss, etc.).



You are not likely to find much on LC oscillators.

But this is entirely logical

Even in a conventional LC oscillator, there would be no loss
if the wire did not heat up causing the only loss possible.

If only marginal heating occurs in superconducting material
then it is very possible that the loss would be so slow as
to be considered infinitesimal.

Elementary electromagnetism

The fundamental LC relation for vacuum was understood by
Maxwell when he concluded that displacement current also
acts as a source of magnetic field and that a changing
electric field in a region of space induces a magnetic field in
neighboring regions, even when no conduction current and no
matter are present.

First proposed by Maxwell in 1865, this relation was the
key to his theoretical understanding of electromagnetic
radiation in free space

Ref Sears, Zemansky & Young. University Physics,
6th Edition, Addison Wesley, (1984). Page 625

André Michaud