Re: intrinsic energy

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malibu wrote:
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aegis wrote:

But how does that suggest that the vacuum of space can
generate particles?
I doesn't--Do a bit of reading about vacuum energy

Sam, I am becoming convinced that
you are either a robot or a complete schizophrenic.
Reading 3 paragraphs into this link- which you have obviously not
assuming you CAN read and comprehend- we come to the following

"Vacuum energy has a number of consequences. For one, vacuum
fluctuations are always created as particle/antiparticle pairs."

You are a very strange man, Sam.


And those vacuum fluctuations are detectable in experiment, John.

The Force of Empty Space

I think what is so frustrating about you, Sam, is
that you contradict yourself every time
you open your mouth.
But I'm starting to realize that this must be
a necessary skill to develope
in order to accept QM.

Write 1000 times on the blackboard, Sam-

paradox = wrong science

(for paradox read QM)