Oklahoma City Bombing "Conspiracy" Debunked

How many people have seen a program on the Discovery Channel called
"Conspiracy Test"? I am amazed (but I shouldn't be) that it received
very little news play.

In the program, the two rival theories (FBI v. General Partin) are
tested. The hosts build a truck bomb a la Timothy McVeigh, and then
test its effect on a concrete column like the one closest to McVeigh's
Oklahoma City truck bomb. The distance from truck to bomb is identical
to the theories of the Federal building bombing.

The FBI calculations predicted a force of 5,000 lbs. Those of General
Partin (supposedly an ordnance expert) were 500 lbs of force -
clearly not enough to have brought down the building. Based upon these
calculations, General Partin suggested that other bombs had been
planted inside the building. Does this sound similar to suggestions
about a certain event in September 2001?

There was also a claim that seismographic data showed TWO tremors -
inconsistent with a single truck bomb, but consistent with a truck
bomb PLUS internal bombs.

Many people found the size of the hole in the street problematic, and
the fact that the only part of the truck found was the rear axle, from
which the ruck was actually identified.

The program had access to the best seismographic equipment in the
country, and had sensors on the concrete column to measure the ACTUAL

This a classic case of experiment versus theory.

Surprise, surprise!

The actual force measured was 5,500 lbs - consistent with the FBI's
predictions, but NOT General Partin. It turns out the military
"Expert" was off by a whole order of magnitude. If I made a prediction
in avery serious matter that was off by an order of magnitude, I would
be very depressed and humiliated. Not the General, though. He was
still sticking by his invalidated results. Perhaps the "skills" that
got the General his high rank were not in mathematics.

But what about the TWO seismic events? There were two seismic events
with THIS truck bomb, too. In fact (Though this was not mentioned on
the program), the test bomb shakes were even FURTHER apart from each
other than the ones at OKlahoma City.

What about the truck? It was completely vaporized in the test - except
for ... drum role please.... the rear axle.

And the hole? The crater in the test was actually SMALLER than the
hole at the Murrah Building, even though it was conducted on soft
earth, and not a city street.

Hmmmm. Does this give me any hints as to the accuracy of the
conspiracy theorists about 911 or the Moon "hoax"?