Stellar Black Hole Oddities

It has been written in many places that black holes should violate all
the laws of physics, but they never say what that means. Why? First of
all the oddities is that nearly infinite masses are being acclerated
to the speed of light before colliding with an 'infinite' mass. This
underlines intense temperatures that exist nowhere else. Billions of
degrees? Trillions of degrees? Quadrillions of degrees? More? Yet in
the black hole no energy moves because of the intense gravity. The
atoms have no vibration at all, and that's heat. No radiative photons
move at all. No heat at all. None. Absolute zero. By definition. And
all this absolute zero matter is at an intense heat seen nowhere else
in the Universe. Absolute zero at trillions of degrees. Maybe more.
The first violation of the laws of physics. But not the last. What
about the gravity? Or more accurately, the gravity "well". We are
shown a characterization of the gravity well as something looking like
a sink drain vortex magnified, but is it? It's true that the math
shows that space-time near the black hole should be warped into a
nearly vertical vector before being stopped cold at the surface of the
black hole and mutated into a singular 'point'. But remember the mass
swirling in also affects space-time into a gravity well of its own
prior to hitting the black hole. As the mass accelerates faster its
resistance to velocity change, or its mass, also increases. Matter
actually observed entering a black hole ought to produce strange
properties of its own prior to colliding. That is, there should be
another gravity well vortex that appears to be perpendicular to the
vector of the inrushing matter. Then the impact itself, producing
billions of degrees of heat energy, instantly seen to disappear. But
the collision of two perpendicular planes of 'gravity-wells' ought to
produce gravity waves. Do they? Observing visable light passing near a
black hole before reaching the earth should give telecopes quite a
light show. Do the telescopes see this? And then there are all the
other violations of the laws of physics...

Darrell Lakin
3174 South Shore Drive
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