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Dear Ghost: Thanks for discussing points of science that can be
looked at objectively and replied to! To save time (that's not TIME,
as in space-time) I have put numbers following your statements. My
concise comments follow the numbers.
(1.) Most scientists never propose theories about anything. That
isn't why they exist! Being a scientist is about aptitude and
attitude. It's about always being ready to recognize better avenues
to our understanding of nature. And it's about having an open mind to
the possibility that those better avenues are out there, somewhere.
Being a scientist can never be about closing one's mind to just
the status quo position. Nor is it the "job" of scientists to argue
about anything. The truths of nature are never decided by who is the
strongest arguer; nor by now many "votes" may favor one idea over
another. However, truths can be indicated by well-collected, and
confirmed data. So, DATA COLLECTION is a scientist's main value--not
their ability to argue the interpretation of such data.
(2.) My reason for posting on sci.physics is to inform others about
my research findings; i.e., to give the results of my mathematical,
experimental, and rational disproofs of Einstein's SR and GR
theories. I have no interest, whatsoever, in arguing about anything
with anyone!
It is most disconcerting to realize that arguing, for argument's
sake, is how the majority of the group members view the site. Seldom
has anyone commented, point-by-point, on my disproofs. Rather, they
read to some place--early or late in my posts--then comment subjectively
about their "vote" on the truthfulness of that one statement.
The simple CRUX of my disproof--that took only about an hour for
me to postulate back in 2001--was: The 1887 Michelson-Morley experiment
lacked a CONTROL! But in about nine months of mostly wasted bantering
on this group, not a single person has said: "You know... M-M doesn't
seem to have a control. Wow! If THAT is true, then NoEinstein has
indeed disproved Einstein's theories!"
Both my aptitude, and my experience, qualify me to explain how
light moves in interferometers. Why won't you readers either accept
my explanations, or ask questions so that you can grasp the
significance of what I have found?
You have mentioned an experiment but have posted nothing. We are not,
nor is the world required to believe without question everything you
say. You are required to prove it. I will ask the question "What did
you do?" Post experimental details with error analysis.
(3.) Ghost: I have disproved SR, up, down, and sideways! There is
nothing useful to be gained by discussing that subject!
You have not shown any proofs, just assertions. If you had indeed
proved anything, you would be happy to discuss it.
(4.) All "back and forth" measurements of light velocity have one
segment that speeds up ('c' plus v); and one segment that slows down
('c' minus v). Since the "v" in both cases is the same, it is
understandable that the AVERAGE velocity over back and forth courses
never changes.
If this is the basis of your proof, there are major problems since
this statement is not true. Go a mile at 30mph and a mile at 90mph.
The average is not 60mph, it is 40mph. Average speed is total distance
divided by total time. Your mistake is a standard freshman mistake.
Since your basic assumption is wrong, we can delete everything below
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Dear None: You are a new visitor--more bluster than substance.
So asking you for details of your experiment is bluster?
Pointing out you math error is bluster?

In the

case of M-M, the entire apparatus moves to new positions while the
light is in transit to the mirrors or target. Your "example" assumes
no change in the distances.
The mirrors are bolted to a rigid table. Calculate the average speed.
It is clear you have not done the math and it looks like you have never
done any experiment since you only want to put forward what you
consider conclusions and have no desire to defend what you claimed
to have done.

The problem is like throwing a baseball

at a moving boat. The only way to know the distance the ball must
travel, so as to land in the boat, is to know the speed of the ball
and the speed of the boat; then, to write an algebraic equation. Do
that for M-M and the TIMES for light to reach the target never
change. Thus, there are no interference fringe changes!
At Mt. Wilson, where Michelson measured 'c', the approximate 22 mile
distances the light traveled in one direction could be increased
(because the Earth is moving); or decreased for the same reason. In
the former case, light velocity increased beyond 'c'. In the latter
case, light velocity decreases, below 'c'. But since Earth's velocity
in the additive and the subtractive directions is the same for the
fraction of a second it takes the light to go round trip, the speed of
light can be calculated by dividing the static distance by the time.
The effect of that "change of velocity" that I have proved isn't
obvious except by mathematical analysis, as I have done for M-M. --
You claim the average velocity is the average of the velocities. This
is wrong. Do the math. Your c+v and c-v do not cancel. You have
presented a conclusion but have not done the math. Since your basic
premise demonstrably wrong, your conclusion is wrong.

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Dear None: All measurements of 'c' are "out and back" measurements. A
speed up of, say, a 1000 mph going out, is negated by a slow down of
1000 mph coming back. So the velocity of the Earth drops out of
equation. 'c' becomes land distance / time. Only by mathematics can
the "actual distance traveled" by the moving frame of reference (of
the apparatus) show that the light velocity changed proportionately.
Instead of spouting off as the expert of the moment, why don't
you see if you are smart enough to write eight algebraic equations to
calculate the TIMES for two photons to circuit their courses in M-M.
Unless you can do that, you don't qualify to comment on my reasoning
about anything. -- NoEinstein --
You are demonstrating your lack of knowledge of mathematics and
physics by wrong statements such as the above. You do not understand
a simple freshman physics math problem. The 1000mph going out and
1000mph coming back do not cancel. You need to learn the math. The
calculation is simple. You are wrong, Math says you are wrong. To
proceed you need to join Lester Zick who redefines math to mean what he
wants to cover up his ignorance..
We wrote the equations for the MM experiment and they do not agree with
you mistakes. You need to study and learn math and physics.