Re: Fiction Stories? What will happen 20 years in future.

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2. We will have Super Computer on our Mobile Phones.

What would be the point? This idea is as stupid as the "paperless
office", or the "pageless book". Computers generate and waste far more
paper than ever; no one like to read books on screen.

Don't say "no one like to read books on screen."

I have a free program called "ReadManiac" in my phone,
that lets me read TXT files, and I always have a few hundred
books and articles in my phone, that I read at night before
I go to sleep, and anytime I am riding, sitting, waiting, eating, etc.

I download things that I am interested in
from the Internet as a TXT file, load the file into "Uedit"
clean it up, and delete all the extra spaces and line feeds,

( I perform the clean up on all the files at one time,
by putting all the files into the same directory,
and doing a "Replace in all files" command.)

and periodically delete the stuff I read or lost interest in, and load new stuff into my phone.

With "ReadManiac" you can change fonts,
set bookmarks, jump to the desired page, etc.

It's a great program.
I suggest that anyone who wants to
use their phone to read, and to store useful information on, should download the program.

It's free, more powerful, and easier to use
than the commercial programs.

Tom Potter


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