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How does the BBC manage to keep a straight face?

The BBC is cognizant of politically heretical observed fact.

Gore investment body closes $683m fund

(1) Gore launches a major campaign to make society go Green,
posturing himself as on a noble cause to save the planet;
(2) Gore personally invests in businesses designed to reap profit
from the Green movement.
(3) Gore is a liar and a crook, and an arbitrageur for the flow

Funny how money is always at the bottom.

Engineering: "We must do something pertinent."

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25 April 2008

All the social activism in the world plus near-infinite sheaves of
parameterized non-linear differential equations cannot overrule the
implacable reality of mere arithmetic,


(0.99)^4 = 96.06%
(1.01)^4 = 104.06%
0.12% imbalance (less the mean)

No sunspots --> Ice Age. That fractional percent is enough to decide
between the Garden of Eden and glaciation. The test is in progress.

Yes, the test is in progress. Because the oceans are heat sinks it
may take a while for the full effects to show up; one reason why it is
so hard to match up the earth's mean temperature to current sun spot
activity. By analogy, the most energy arrives from the sun at noon
but 2 PM is the hottest part of the day.


Patience. Little fluctuations along the slide do not matter. BURN
COAL. Hell, burn anything! WE'RE GONNA FREEZE!

I hope not. I live outside of Washington, DC so I am counting on the
glaciers not getting this far south. :-)

Uncle Al
(Toxic URL! Unsafe for children and most mammals)

You will please let us know when they get to you, I hope. I live down
I-95 in Richmond, and I could use a little head start (I can't run as
fast as I used to). :-)

Me neither but I promise to give a holler if I see one rolling down

--Mike Jr.

Tom Davidson
Richmond, VA