Re: Expansion is wrong and its soooo freakin' obvious

Michael Helland wrote:
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No actually hubble redshift isn't, if you actually understood any
cosmology you understand that....
I understand that.
Really? So do you understand what a relativistic doppler shift is? Or
how about the Friedmann Equations? Do even know what they are? Or what
about a harmonic oscillator, or the maxwell equations? Understand any
of that? If no then you don't know jack shit about what the hell your
talking about....

At the very least, I understand Hubble redshift needs expansion, or an
explanation that yields the same results.

I understand that if redshift meant recessional velocity, that would
place us at the center of something, which can't be right, (Copernican
principle) and that if every point were receding from every point,
like expansion we have something that makes more sense.
I understand that, and that expansion/big bang cosmology is what most
people accept as a fact.
But I don't.
Because you think your incredible ignorance has gained you access to
some information to which only ignorant people like you are privy that
all the rest of us who are really scientists have nothing to
contribute since you know best.


Or maybe I just don't accept it.

If light signals decelerated in steady space along the same curve as
expansion, it would appear that every point were receding from every
point but that is merely an optical illusion.
Except for the minor point of that isn't observed anywhere...

If light slowed down in steady space; it would appear as if space was

That is observed everywhere.

You like to fool yourself... Expanding space has consequences that
account for the abundances of hydrogen and helium, trace elements
like lithium and the CMB.

No Center

Also see Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial

WMAP: Foundations of the Big Bang theory

WMAP: Tests of Big Bang Cosmology

I've made 3 predictions that can be tested within 5 to 10 years,
depending on when the next super telescope comes out.
We'll see.
Well don't hold your breath mike I wouldn't want you to die before you
see how dumb your idea is...

Oh and just out of curiosity do you know what this is?

Do you know how to solve it?