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| > How much intelligence does it take to figure out what the long rod is
| > If you can bench press 200 lbs then you can lift 200 lbs, but not on
| > the end of a long rod.
| Interesting how the memory plays tricks. I watched the program live and
| remember it being quite a heavy weight but now that I check I find it was
| only 18lbs + 6lbs for the shaft. Video here..

Well, 18 lbs is a large bowling ball, I wouldn't want to hold that at
arm's length with my arm horizontal for very long, although lifting
it vertically is within my capability... just. If you put what you see
on TV in terms of what you actually experience for yourself you'll
often find a lot of it is hype.

Having said that I decided to watch that piece of video.
Back in the days when I rewound electric motors for a living I used to
degrease ball races, and holding them in the centre use an airline to
flush out the solvent. It is quite easy to aim the air jet to get the outer
race spinning and a worn bearing will reveal its condition by vibrating.
Anyway, one day I dropped one. It hit the tarmac, sparks flew as
it ground itself on the stone, then it took off into a flock of gulls,
killing one and finally dropped into number two basin in Chatham
If that kid had dropped the gyro it would have hit the floor, spinning,
gripped and taken off, ripping into the audience and killing or causing
serious injury. If I'd been present that demo would not have taken place
in that form, it was a bloody dangerous thing to do.