Re: #22 making precise the Energy-Levels of Matter ; Fusion Barrier

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I should be able to make those Energy Levels far more precise by
saying this:

(1) Electron Energy Exchanges
(2) Nucleus Energy Exchanges
(3) Entire Atom Energy Exchanges

Chemical Energy is really all about chemical bonds and thus is about
electron energy
interactions. Burning of coal or any fossil fuel or the hydroelectric
dam or windmill or
geothermal are all examples of Electron Energy Exchanges.

Fission and Fusion are the nuclear energy exchanges.

So far this looks mostly OK...

And when we combine both electron and nucleus exchanges we have the
entire atom
of its energy exchanges and the specific interaction of Matter to
Antimatter Interaction.

but this is beginning to go off: none of these 'exchanges' converts more than a
tiny fraction of the rest-energy into free energy. So combining both exchanges
does NOT convert the whole atom.

So in the Fusion Barrier Principle, there is never a question of
breakeven for that of
Electron Energy Exchanges because we never have to put half of the
Maxwell Equations
in a tussle fight with the other half of the Maxwell Equations. In
Nuclear Energy
Exchanges we have the Dynamic Laws of Faraday and Ampere in an
inextricable conflict
of control over the machine to extract energy by trying to overcome
the NonDynamic Coulomb
law of Maxwell Equations.

And this is just bizarre. It sounds like the kind of misunderstanding that
emerges when people read popular books on science, but never learn the concepts
fully, as would be done by solving homework problems in a college text on the
same topics.

There is not "tussle fight" between Maxwell's Equations: all the equations are
always satisfied throughout the entire process.