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Jupiter jet streams and the great red spot were puzzling scientist for
long time.

One thought they were puzzling noodle maker.  All your noodles are
belong to us.

Those phenomena are driven by a stellar cycle on Jupiter.

Uncle Al had a Schwinn.

Like the solar cycle that changes the magnetic polarity of the sun
every 11 years Jupiter has a magnetic cycle that induce current around
the planet. This current is divided to electrons and positive ion that
flow in opposite direction to create the jet streams. The charge
between adjacent jets drives the great red spot. Similar process
creates the sun plasma belts and the sunspots. Comments are welcomed.
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Save 1000 words.

The solar cycle is what heats the sun by
inducing electric currents and not fusion reaction.
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Homestake and perchloroethylene, Super-Kamiokande and water, Borexino
and pseudocumene,

Sudbury and deuterium oxide,


The sun produces muon neutrinos flux without neutrino oscillations: Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

I would trust Wiki over Philica:

Read what Bar-Zohar'2 Philica 'peer- reviews' say:

His scores based on 4 reviews:
Originality = 32.76
Importance = 56.20
Overall quality = 30.38
where a score of 100 represents ‘average’ quality (like an IQ).

This makes him sub-infra-mediocre...I doubt if even Wiki would
preserve his 'articles.'

Tom Davidson
Richmond, VA

There were many beta decay experiment that tried to find massive
neutrinos but they all werent successful in finding them.

There are new experiments that are going to prove my point:

Dan Bar-Zohar