Re: Help with paper.

Peter wrote:
On Aug 24, 12:53 pm, Sam Wormley <sworml...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Peter wrote:
On Aug 24, 12:34 pm, Uncle Al <Uncle...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Peter wrote:
Hi! I wrote a paper about an unexpected finding I made in physics that
started with the simple concept that all activity requires energy.
Zero point fluctuations.
submitted this paper to a journal, but it was rejected, not because it
was considered to be wrong, but because, they said, it required
extensive revision and editing.
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It was wrong.
Uncle Al
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You are wrong. Sorry.
Actually, Uncle Al, made valid points. It is the mark of a true crank
to assume you can't be wrong. Al just pointed you a contradiction to
your thesis. Fix it!- Hide quoted text -

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How can you assert something on a paper you haven't read?

You said that "all activity requires energy" and that is contradicted
by observation. Electrons in atoms don't use up energy. Uncle Al's
pointing out "Zero point fluctuations" is another contradiction to
your statement of which you claim is a basis of your paper.

Post your paper and (most likely) watch it get "ripped to sheds",
probably for the same reasons it was rejected. That's what peer review
is all about--finding the mistakes and allowing the author to improve
the paper.