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My Father was Jewish: I have lived, worked and still holiday three
time per year in Germany. Could you please provide some evidence as
my attitude towards the German people, Europeans, Christians and

Justin Lewis
Evidence that Justin Lewis wanted.

A fundamental flaw in logic: there is no information here about MY
religion nor any evidence of my attitude towards the people named. Nor
do I see any percentages regarding your "experiment" into Jewish
characteristics, and incidentally, of the impartiality you need in
order to validate this "research/experiment". As ever, you are wrong.

I'm still waiting for Potter to provide any evidence to substantiate
remarkable claim in <news:g8mksf$ovr$1@xxxxxxxx> that _my_ ancestors
used clothes and operated junk yards and ate carp with eggs, onions,
flour, and matzoh meal before they got into the instigation of
and war business".

And as usual he makes no attempt to provide that evidence.

And he _still_ makes no attempt to provide that evidence.


Considering that Richard Herring claims to be an authority
on the Magna Carta and 13th-century English history,

Another lie from Potter. I have made no such claim.

I trust that he will enter into a discussion

Potter doesn't "discuss", he only pontificates and blusters, so that's
sheer hypocrisy.

about why the writers of the Magna Carta
prohibited Jews

... and indeed everyone else ("Debts owed to persons other than Jews
are to be dealt with similarly.") ...

from taking advantage of widows and orphans.

Because they were as antisemitic as Potter is?

Or because the Jews in 13th-century England were agents of the king whose
powers Magna Carta was intended to limit?

Either way, there's nothing in Magna Carta to support Potter's fantasies:
it's a document of its time, which was created as a practical tool of
power politics, not some kind of statement of Universal Truth. Potter is
also probably not aware that those two clauses he's so excited about were
only in the first draft, which was in force for less than a year.

Richard Herring

I am sadden to see that my post of excerpts
from the Magna Carta

prohibiting Jews from taking advantage
of widows and orphans
bent Richard Herring all out of shape,

and compelled him
to delete the excerpts,
and attack the messenger.
and call the posting of historical data ""Potter's fantasies"".

Richard Herring did raise a good point when
he observed that all of the neighbors of Jews
throughout history became anti-Semitic.

I suggest that a scientific study should be made
to determine if the root causes of anti-Semiticism
has its' roots in Judaism, or in the possibility
that all non-Jews are inherently evil.

Tom Potter