Re: New study says global temperatures will rise 6C

Cwatters wrote:


"Global temperatures are on a path to rise by an average of 6C by the end of
the century "
"Emissions have risen by 29% in the past decade "
"natural sinks are becoming less efficient, absorbing 55% of the carbon now,
compared with 60% half a century ago"

"This is very different to the trend we need to be on to limit global
climate change to 2C [the level required to avoid dangerous climate
change]." That would require CO2 emissions from all sources to peak between
2015 and 2020 and that the global per capita emissions be decreased to 1
tonne of CO2 by 2050. Currently the average US citizen emits 19.9 tonnes per
year and UK citizens emit 9.3 tonnes."

If we could change the Albedo of out planet we could perhaps prevent
being fried on the long run, but how?