Re: So why argue about spatial length contraction with SRIANS

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So why do i argue about a seemingless not that important part of
special relativity with the SRIANS.

Well it turns out that the contraction of space is a vital assumption
to be able to prove at light move at c and invariant thru space.

No... Not at all.

Yes it is the core of special relativity, it can not work without that

And i proved that light do not move invariant thru space without that
assumption. See my correspondence with inertial where he ***must***
use that assumption to prove light to move at c thru space.

And there is quotes where Einstein says that if lightspeed varies
whole special relativity is a juggle work. Just as Androcles, i am not
quotation database.

<< where epsilon_0 and mu_0 are physical constants which
can be evaluated by performing two simple experiments
which involve measuring the force of attraction between
two fixed charges and two fixed parallel current carrying
wires. According to the relativity principle, these experiments
must yield the same values for epsilon_0 and mu_0 in all
inertial frames. Thus, the speed of light must be the
same in all inertial frames. >>

Well what could i expect from a clueless quotation database bot, you
just throw citation in the air. The quote about have nothing to do
with light moving thru space between two spatial separtated points.

Well your a bot dreaming what can i say.

It is only a problem when theorists make
un-physical assumptions.

Bwahahaha so i make the unphysical asumption, no the unphysical
assumption is that contraction of spatial separation occur. You see
your citation above only handle propagation delays in media, where the
"stupid idea" is that all acceleration is pointlike on rods, further
assumption the acceleration always from backward to forward. I could
go on all day about special relativities idiotic assumption about what
acceleration is but i do feel like it is worth the time to spend on

You see all those speculative assumptions in the microrealm turn out
to be flawed in the macrorealm.

Coordinate-time, rigid ether, light corpuscles etc.

Well at least my calculation of how to shoot down an object/particle
with a laser will not miss the object with 295 800 km, due to a
fantasy of contracted spatial separation between two objects.

Your both pitiful and laughable, i use realworld scenarios you just 30
meter between the two accelerators instead and fire two particles at

According to relativity two spatially separated sensors ahead would
measure the separation to 4.2 mm between the particles bwhahahahaahah.

Well you better put three sensors there E,F,G. E 30 meter from last
accelerator, F ***4.2 mm from E*** and ***G 30 meter from E***. Now
you compare timings from each sensor F,G with sensor at E.

If F timing is closer to E timing, then contraction occured.
If G timing is closer to E timing, then no contraction occured.


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