Does the Higgs boson come in five types?

Or is it all wrong, and it'll actually come in zero types?

Yousuf Khan

"God Particle" May Be Five Distinct Particles, New Evidence Shows
"In an experiment called DZero at the lab's Tevatron particle collider, scientists recently found that collisions of protons and antiprotons produced pairs of matter particles more often than pairs of antimatter particles.

The difference was tiny—less than one percent—but it can't be explained by a standard model that assumes the existence of a single Higgs boson, said study co-author Adam Martin, a theoretical physicist at Fermilab.

"It's a really small effect, but it's still much bigger than if you turn all the cranks with all the original rules in the standard model," Martin said.

"The standard model with just the one Higgs particle is too minimal to explain the DZero result."

The DZero results can, however, be explained if scientists assume the Higgs boson is actually five particles—an extension of the standard model called the two-Higgs doublet model."