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So previously we used a command called zada that we made up to exit
stage right with dignity in case of mayhem.

And now we have an exit stage left (no reason why right or left) where you want to leave but your persistent sort of friend won't stop talking and or someone just walked into the club and now you want to leave because she's here. This will never happen to you in real life unless you are a normal person in a club.

So then you want to be able to just instruct your AI to do what everyone does in that situation.
"Oh my look at the time, is THAT what time it is? I have a turkey in the oven, and so I better get going (don't stop there always be closing or they will start talking agaaaain so I will see you later then, nice to see you nice to meet you bye bye.")

And now you can be creative and set the watch for face recognition, and know if they show up, and be that technical if you are a control freak, and have programmed for that circumstance, but generally that will be an on the fly command in real time.

Its still a useful command for all occasions, if your?

Friend is not a vegetarian, right? and how do you know there is someone there who you need to say nice to meet you to?

So be sure when you create a yada (not as severe as a zada) y before z, thats it a generic response to to politely exit stage left.
We are using yada not 'yadda' since we might use yadda yadda yadda (again with the threes) at some other point in social programming for our AI and so we know that yada is like zada and so they should be grouped.