Re: Reliance on Indirect Evidence Fuels Dark Matter Doubts

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..... ahahahaha... AHAHAHA.... ahahahaha...
Dude, you begin to sing like a class 3 enviro aka
a little Green idiot. But whatever turns you on.
Some folks enjoy the adrenaline addiction
from the feeling of impending doom...

I don't have a sense of personal doom. I live well above sea level in
a house with air conditioning.


Environmentalism is the politics of Hysteria, Misanthropy & True lies.
Environmental activitists sometimes resort to inappropriate means.

However, the following pages I cited don't appear to be at
environmentalist sites.

Arctic sea ice extent is decreasing

Accelerating ice loss from Antarctica and Greenland

Satellite measurements show warming in the troposphere

And here is a non-Western assessment of sea level rise.