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Objection: Despite what the computer models tell us, there is actually no
evidence of significant global warming.

That's not my objection, or an objection actually raised in this thread.

The discussion is about whether anthropognic greenhouse gas emissions are
driving climate change, not whether it is occuring.

And all of the evidence says humans have caused and are causing
global warming.

We have records that
show climate chnage has occcurred for many, many millions of years.

Non sequitur. The subject is the current warming.

The question is if current warming is different from historical
warming and if so, exactly how and why.

Answered over 100 years ago.

Gibbering nonsense;

Yeah, you're gibbering. Very becomming.

no one was worried about the planet warming up, much
less blaming human activity for the warming no one
was worried about in 1910.

"As a dam built across the river causes a local deepening of the
stream, so our atmosphere, thrown as a barrier across the
terrestrial rays produces a local heightening of the temperature
of the Earth?s surface." -- J. Tyndall, "Further Researches on the
Absorption and Radiation of Heat by Gaseous Matter," in
New York: Appleton, 1873, p. 117

CO2 being a greenhouse gas was demonstrated by C.J. Fox in 1909,
A. Angstron in 1918, and Chamberlain and Fowle in 1916, 1917, and

Several scientists independantly successfully predicted the
current global temperature anomaly as far back as the year 1931,
based primarily on estimates of rising atmospheric CO2.

Arrhenius successfully predicted the increased temperature today
(1c +-.2) and his predictions for year 2100 match the current

In 1931 E.O. Hulburt calculated that a doubling of atmospheric CO2
will increase global average temperature by 4c. He published his
paper in the journal "Physical Review." He also noted that
trippling CO2 would raise Earth's temperature 7c.

S.G. Callendar in the late 1930s also correctly predicted the
current global temperature anomaly; he also predicted many of the
adverse effects we would see 70 years before we, now, see them.

Callendar even showed, in 1938, that the available global data at
the time already showed a temperature increase. He published the
paper in the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological
Society, 64:223 (1938).

By the 1950s scientists such as Suess and Revelle were issuing
warnings about the warming effects of CO2 in the atmosphere; Bell
Labs started making audio/video films warning about the problem at
the time.

By 1957 there was consensus among scientists that by the year 2000
we would see the Arctic sea ice start to melt and not reform, and
possibly even the Antarctic. In a 1957 _Time_ interview, Suess and
Revelle pointed out that the greatest warming will occur at the
Earth's poles. They also said thermal expansion would raise the
world's oceans, though they did not know by how much.

By the end of the 1950s the science was settled. It was, and still
is, "a done deal."

In 1965 Lyndon Johnson stated in a special message to Congress
that humans had already altered the composition of the atmosphere

Wally Broecker, on 8 August 1975, stated "... by early in the next
century [carbon dioxide] will have driven the mean planetary
temperature beyond the limits experienced during the last 1000
years." He correctly predicted an overall 20th Century global
warming of 0.8ºC due to CO2.

The predictions were so successful that by year 1980 there were no
more skeptics on the issue. Even before 1980 the USA executive
office was convinced, and discussed with scientists possible
solutions. For example, Richard Feynman worked with the elite
science advisory team (a half-dozen volunteers) charged with
advising the United States Executive Office on solutions to curb

By 1992, George Bush1 issued statements warning about the problems
the world faced by global warming, and signed an international
agreement regarding "making concrete actions to protect the

E.O. Hulburt "The Temperature of the Lower Atmosphere of the
Earth," Physical Review, vol. 38, Issue 10, pp. 1876-1890:
"Calculation shows that doubling or tripling the amount of Co2
into the atmoshphere increases the average surface temperature by
about 4° and 7°K respectivly..."

S.G. Callendar, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological
Society, 64:223 (1938), "The artificial production of carbon
dioxide and its influence on temperature."

Suess and Revelle, _Time_ Magazine "One Big Greenhouse." (May 28,

"As the air gets warmer, sea water will get warmer too, and CO2
dissolved in it will return to the atmosphere. More water will
evaporate from the warm ocean, and this will increase the
greenhouse effect of the CO2. Each effect will reinforce the
other, possibly raising the temperature enough to melt the icecaps
of Antarctica and Greenland, which would flood the earth's coastal

President Lyndon Johnson: "Air pollution is no longer confined to
isolated places. This generation has altered the composition of
the atmosphere on a global scale through radioactive materials and
a steady increase in carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil
fuels." (February 8, 1965) "Special Message to the Congress on
Conservation and Restoration of Natural Beauty."

Futher, the technology didn't exist in 1910 to make any kind of reasonable
guess as to historical temperatures.


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