Gravity as a Negentropic Force

Cosmic background radiation is what fills the observable universe. What I call aether is before this material space, it is what Einstein called, the gravitational ether. The gravitational field, as described by Einstein, is continuous, not quantized, as the CBR is. Reality is built on quantized structures. Matter is always quantized but sits on the gravitational field (aka.., aether), which is continuous.

What I call space is not the same as what 19th and early 20th century physicists called space. Back then, there were no CBR, nor Wheeler's quantum foam. Today, space is considered to be material, a collection of small particles. Space is packed full of photons (EMR), some of which are called zero point radiation, other, dark matter. This is why modern physics now say space is grainy.

First of all, let gravity, gravitation, and gravitational waves be three different things. Gravity being a fundamental force, while gravitation and gravitational waves just the products of that force. The way I see it, gravity starts at the sub-atomic level as inward space flow is caused by electrogravitic forces being created by some sort of spinning, or pulsating quantum measuring mechanism. Space particles being carried by matter-selective, inwardly flowing quanta (Gravitons?) in an electrogravitational current, the same way electrons are carried by an electromotive force. The center of each particle acting as a sink, or miniature black hole. Wave packet collapse being closely related to gravity (Quantum gravity).

In this view, ZPR particles are gathered and organized by matter waves (morphic fields), as matter crystallizes, or condenses into atoms, molecules, cells... etc. Quantum matter continuously flows into matter as it is quantized and carried by concentric, spherical standing waves. EMR radiating from and into matter in a constant exchange of information about its objective state and its relation to surrounding objects in spacetime.

Gravitation coming from a pressure differential in material space caused by the constant radial flow of matter waves into bodies with mass, as quantum matter condenses and crystallizes into its objective state. Gravitational waves being just the ripples being caused by the motion of the bodies floating in this sea of particles.

Picture two bodies, like the Earth and the Moon, now imagine space flowing into the Earth and the Moon at the same time: that causes gravitation. Because there is flow going in opposite directions and a decrease in material space density, there is a drop in pressure, causing both objects to drift toward each other. That is how we get tide movement: the Moon casts a shadow as it blocks space flow to the Earth, causing gravitic pressure to drop between the two bodies and consequently causing the sea level to rise where the shadow is being cast.

Gravitation being caused by radial space/information flow, as space in hyperspace is converted to spacetime, or matter, by an autopoietic process driven by logic and the laws of Thermodynamics. Massless bosons, full of information, being used to support the structure of already existing matter, in spacetime.