Re: Apollo 18, 19 hardware?

From: Ami Silberman (
Date: 08/30/04

Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 14:14:25 -0400

"Andrew Gray" <> wrote in message
> On 2004-08-30, MasterShrink <> wrote:
> > Birna Thorn wrote:
> >>So the LM built for Apollo 18 actually flew as Challenger on Apollo
> >>17. The FTETTM vehicle was built for Apollo 19. Apollo 20's LM never
> >>got built, because the mission was cancelled before final assembly
> >>commenced.
> >
> > I was under the impression the Apollo 19 LM was never quite
> > finished...that the From the Earth to the Moon LM (and the one in the
> > Smithsonian for that matter) was the unflown test article, LM 2.
> [poke, poke]
> LM 2 was unused (weight issues, I think) and is in the NASM.
> LM-9 was unused (intended for the original Apollo 15) and is at KSC
> LM-13,14,15 were unused:
> LM-13 was used for FTETTM and is at Cradle of Aviation, LM-14 was
> scrapped, and it gives the whereabouts of LM-15 as "unknown". I don't
> know which flight LM-15 was intended for, as the others would be -19 and
> -20 (with the LM for -18 flying on -17, as above). There was also a
> LM-16, which IIRC was not intended to fly, and is now in Chicago at the
> MSI.

IIRC, the one in Chicago is a training article. LM-2 was unused because it
was intended for a repeat of the LM-1 unmanned mission, which went
sufficiently well that a repeat was unnecessary. Since it was never intended
for manned missions, and there were already two other "overweight" LMs (#3
and #4), it was never modified for a manned configuration.