Re: Enterprise OV-101 missing OMS pods

From: Pat Flannery (
Date: 11/06/04

Date: Sat, 06 Nov 2004 09:18:11 -0600

Derek Lyons wrote:

>How can you trust a place that would call a Talos a cruise missile?

Talos could be used in a surface-to-surface mode as well as its primary
surface-to-air mode, and was jet (ramjet) powered. It also was capable
of carrying the W-30 nuclear warhead of 5 KT yield for attacks on ships
or large formations of aircraft. So yes, you might be able to refer to
it as a sort of cruise missile....although that would be a bit
misleading in regards to its primary function.
In actual wartime service, its main operational use was as a ship
launched long range anti-radiation missile for attacks on North
Vietnamese radar sites: