Solar sailing in the early days, and Carl Wiley

With regard to the following,
indicates that "Russell Saunders" was an engineer named
Carl Wiley. The article was "Clipper Ships of Space," in
the May 1951 issue of Astounding.

Apparently the same Carl Wiley of Goodyear Aircraft
Corporation (currently Lockheed Martin Arizona located
in Goodyear, AZ) was also an originator of the
synthetic aperture radar concept at about the same
time he wrote his pseudonymous solar sail piece for
Astounding. Sounds like an interesting guy -- if
anyone knows more about him, please let us know.

Goodyear map:


from the FAS Project on Government Secrecy
Volume 2005, Issue No. 58
June 22, 2005


Cosmos 1, an innovative solar sailing spacecraft
that would use solar radiation for propulsion,
reportedly suffered a launch failure today.
Cosmos 1 was sponsored by Cosmos Studios and
supported by The Planetary Society.

But solar sailing is "extremely promising,"
according to a "restricted access" report prepared
at Los Alamos in 1973. The technology would enable
"travel essentially at will throughout the solar
system, achieving quite reasonable flight times for
a broad category of interesting interplanetary

The "restricted" Los Alamos report, by Theodore P.
Cotter, expanded upon two earlier sources: a 1958
paper by Richard L. Garwin in the journal Jet
Propulsion, and a 1951 article by the
pseudonymous Russell Saunders in Astounding Science

The concepts independently described by those
two previous writers, the Los Alamos author wrote,
"are physically sound, quantitatively correct and
extremely promising."

Today, access to the 1973 Cotter paper is "restricted
to selected government agencies," states the web site
of the Los Alamos National Laboratory research library.

It is one of many thousands of unclassified technical
papers that were removed from online public access in
the post-9/11 clampdown on public information.

A copy is nevertheless available from the Federation
of American Scientists.

See "An Encomium on Solar Sailing" by T.P. Cotter,
Report No. LA-5231-MS, May 1973, 8 pp.: