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NACA 1942 reprint of a 1934 Eugen Sanger rocket plane paper:

Does NASA have Sanger's wartime "Rocket Drive for Long Range Bombers"
report online by any chance?
His rocket motor design for the Antipodal Bomber is really fascinating,
as its propellant feed system consists of a steam-driven turbine that is
bootstrapped into the combustion chamber/engine bell cooling system.


Doing a search by author, there are a few articles by Eugen Sanger,
but not that one.


"A Rocket Drive for Long Range Bombers" was translated and published
by the Navy. Translation CGD-32, Technical Information Branch, BUAER
Navy Department. It was reprinted and sold - I got a copy in the late 60's(?).
The first page on my copy is titled A Note by the Publisher, and
shows at the bottom of the page:
Robert Cornog
Santa Barbara, California
16 November 1952

A copy like this went for a pretty penny on Ebay several weeks ago.

And a copy can be had for pennies if one has a library card and a nearby photocopier. That's how I got *mine*.

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