Re: Phillips passed out? Soyuz "crash landing"

Rusty <reuben_barton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>On Sat, 15 Oct 2005 05:28:38 GMT, fairwater@xxxxxxxxx (Derek Lyons)
>>"Skylon" <skylon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>In six flights now there have now been two big anomalies with the Soyuz
>>>TMA. The first being Soyuz TMA-1's ballistic landing, now this.
>>TMA-1 Flight computer failure.
>>TMA-2 Undocking problem leading to recontact.
>>TMA-4 Uncommanded pyro activation during prelaunch processing.
>>TMA-6 Pressure/integrity problem post undocking.
>TMA-5 Thruster malfunction and flight control malfunction during
>initial ISS approach led to manual docking.

Thanks, I knew I was missing one, but was too lazy to go look it up
and make the record look even bleaker.

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