Re: NASA PDF - Project Able - Lunar Module deploys up to 3000-ft solar reflector in earth orbit

Derek Lyons wrote:

> "thomsona@xxxxxxxxx" <thomsona@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >The problem is that "classification" is usually taken to mean "national
> >security classification", in which case the only valid ones are C,S,TS.

> In the common usage that I encountered, 'classified' meant 'anything
> that had to individually accounted and signed for', and that included
> FOUO. We never used the term "national security classification",
> classified material was classified material, period.

As we've noted in previous such discussions over the years, your
experiences and mine show interesting and instructive differences. Not
surprisingly, as you were serving on submarines and I was an
inside-the-Beltway civil servant. In my world, there was no
"sign-for-it" accountability until you got into some special channels,
and even then things sometimes tended to be a bit loose. See, for
example, .

As for FOUO and classification, see