Re: OT - Firefox fall down, go boom.

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I got the update yesterday via WiFi, and no problerms as far as I
know- except that EVERYTIME that I log onto Firefox, it insists on
reminding me that I updated (at the expense of my previous surfing). I
have OTHER issues with Firefox, though ....

Explorer update is another matter- it insists on telling me EVERY 5
minutes that I need to restart the damn computer after installing
updates. (I have Torrents running that I lose if I restart.)

I'm using Windows XP on a Toshiba laptop. I have a HP media center
desktop at home, but I don't have an Internet connection at the house.

As long as we're talking computers- currently, my major problem is too
many processes running on my laptop which take up too much CP time if
I try to do anything extra. Can anyone steer me towards help
correcting this?

Buy a Mac. Mine has been up for months. You can even get a Windows
emulator for it.