The Gemini 14-day flight simulation: who did it?

While digging through the Project Gemini Chronology for my own
little day-by-day retelling of it I noticed Monday was the start of a
fourteen-day simulation at the Brooks Air Force Base. Two men were to
live in a 100% oxygen, 5 pounds=-per-square-inch atmosphere for the
fourteen days needed for the longest-duration Gemini flight expected:

I assume that it succeeded, although there's no mention in the
Chronology of the experiment ending, and not a word as best I can tell
in _On The Shoulders Of Titans_.

I guess what I'm really curious about is whether anyone has on
hand information about who were the simulated astronauts, what the
setup was like, did it extend to things like food simulations, the way
the SMEAT test for Skylab did? Were they being confined to a tiny
space this early on in the game or was studying the atmosphere good

-- Joseph Nebus
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