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Space Access '06
April 20-22, Phoenix Arizona
Conference Information

Space Access '06 is our upcoming annual conference on the technology,
politics, and business of radically cheaper space transportation,
featuring a cross-section of leading players in the field. Our
fourteenth annual conference will once again be an intensive informal
snapshot of where the burgeoning low-cost space access industry is this

My email being useless, could I get an answer in this forum or by
telephone? (cell 863-206-0794)

I will not make this conference. I would like permission to send
some of the little notch bell nozzles via UPS to the conference hotel for
distribution to interested parties. I should have several with a better
finish than the quick and dirty dozen that I mailed out. A single sheet
explanation should be sufficient for the interested.

I've had one semi successfull test of the two chamber aerospike
I attempted to describe to Henry last fall. If I can get one to work
right, I would like to send a handfull of them also.

Does anyone know if there are ITAR issues on altitude compensating
nozzles at this amatuer concept level?

John Hare