Re: space travel or war

Obviously on the planet where Willie.Moo was created and cloned,
there's some kind of actual honesty and for-real remorse.
Unfortunately, on Earth there's no such thing as an honest government
or much less of their faith-based puppeteers in charge of most
everything that counts, and especially of anything American is pretty
much w/o remorse or respect for the actual truth (because the past
simply doesn't count).

On Willie.Moo's Earth, there will be WWIII and WWIV, because any hint
of truth is forever taboo or otherwise officially banished, as will as
the cost of spendy energy that's conventional, green or renewable, or
of those energy related products (including food), will soon enough
become too spendy for the lower 99% of humanity that obviously is not
sufficiently rich and powerful.

Of couse, since our Willie.Moo never looks back, it seems anything we
can manage to get away with as of today, or even by the hour, as such
is good to keep as long as we don't get caught in the actual second by
second process of taking from others for our personal gain.
. - Brad Guth

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Truman, Eisenhower and others in the 1940s and 1950s instituted
policies that they thought were in the long term best interests of the
United States. Today, we can see in retrospect how those policies
have not served us. This doesn't make these men evil or the center of
some massive conspiratorial plot. They clearly made a mistake. The
sooner that mistake is rectified the better off we'll all be. By
casting this error as the center of some vast drama - you marginalize
any discussion of our policy errors and make it much more difficult to
bring about useful change.

The fact is reducing the importance of farming and manufacturing to
our domestic economy and relying on allies for the bulk of our food
and production has hurt us economically, and our systems for
maintaining control of the global economy while operating from a
fundamental position of weakness has undermined our geopolitical
capacity to effect useful change without appeal to military force.

We are in a fragile position and need to extricate ourselves from it.
The first step is a clear and frank review of our policies and what
our options are. Calling people names and ascribing to them insane
motives doesn't help in that process.


Once again, good luck with retooling from all of those well
established lies upon lies in charge of your private parts, as well as
having taken most of your hard earned loot. Remember what they did to
JFK, and all he ever wanted to do was put a stop to our government
interactions with those many secret cults (including our Federal
Reserve), and to pull the NASA/Apollo plug before it was too late.
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These thoughts are incorrect, highly prejudicial and useless for any
concrete action going forward. So, what is their utility? Obviously
to asuage deep seated emotional needs that you have to see others as
guilty and avoid doing anything practical, concrete or positive to
create a better world.

Its easy to carp against the powers that be. Not so easy to enunciate
a compelling consistent workable vision for the future. No wonder so
few do the latter, whilst the former are a dime a dozen and easily

It's your close friends that'll argue on behalf of war, and/or would
allow war as preferable to achieving honest technological advancements
on behalf of humanity and of salvaging our badly failing environment.

They are as misguided as you. They can argue all the want, that won't
make them right. In the end, all people have specific needs that must
be met. We all live on this Earth together, and we all have to figure
out how to get along. So, we might as well start now.


The data is clear. Whenever one or more of us tries to get ahead by
destroying another, we all suffer. So, we shouldn't really do that.

It's your own kind of cloak and dagger types,

What the hell does that mean? More paranoid delusions - you ought to
read up on it Brad, they describe you perfectly;

of those continually
lying, cheating and of extremely bigoted brown-nosed and usually
pretend-atheist mindsets that created most of the previous wars, are
responsible for having created and sustained the ongoing wars, and are
intent upon pushing as many of those do-not-push buttons until WWIII
is created, except this time it's over the global domination of fossil
and yellowcake energy, even including thorium for Christ sake.

You do realize in USD, that the actual cost of an Iraq barrel of oil
is taken at a mere $1/barrel (which even includes enough for local
Iraq oil profits). So, where's the other $109/barrel going?

See the reference above... this is another idea of reference for

The facts are;

World oil production is 83 million barrels per day.
Iraqi oil production is less than 2 million barrels per day.
Iraqi's themselves consume over 1 million barrels per day.
Most of the rest is traded locally.

Iraqi oil production hasn't contributed much to the overall price of
oil since its not contributing much to overall production of oil.
Yet, with 112 billion barrels, it has a potential to provide the world
with 3.7 years of oil supply at current rates. In effect, big deal.

Your "enunciate a compelling consistent workable vision for the
future" doesn't include truths of the past, present or future, much
less offering a speck of remorse for all the dastardly deeds and
actions of your own kind,

please refer to 'ideas of reference' above. The dastdardly deeds were
done by those who are no longer alive. Processing those deeds in the
highly emotional manner you suggest does nothing to build a compelling
consistent workable vision for the future, and even less for those in
the past. If we are to do anything for those who have suffered
unfairly in the past the best thing we can do is live decent honorable
lives in the future and avoid 'dastardly deeds' in the future. That
is the best way to honor their memory, and it is what they would ask
for at this point.

and you have absolutely no plan whatsoever
of taking action,

Yes I do.

as for ever correcting one damn thing that's
terribly wrong

I cannot change the past, and neither can you. The past is over, the
future hasn't happened yet. So, we're stuck here, and now - that's
what we have to work with. We honor those who have suffered in the
past now best by aleviating suffering today, and building a better
world starting right now with what we can do right now.

and deeply embedded within our extensively cloak and
dagger system

another idea of reference.

that you and your brown-nose can't seem to get enough

another idea of reference - with scatological overtones - you might
want to talk to your therapist about your early toilet training. A
bed wetter or worse is my guess.

That's really too bad Brad. You are a person who cares a lot - that
much is obvious. Get help dude, maybe then you can play a useful role
in your life and really achieve something rather than carp and
complain all the time.

Didn't you ever hear that JFK speech about his intentions of cutting
off those pesky cults and secret groups that only further nailed his
own coffin shut?

JFK is dead. I believe he was coup d'etats - carried out by LBJ and
Nixon - which is why LBJ didn't seek the nomination in 1968.

I believe this, I don't know this. For all I know the Warren
Commission could be right, or JFK could have been murdered by martians
who didn't want humans to invade their planet.

Even if my belief is perfectly justified by the secret record, and
even if our government has a mechanism to kill leaders that lead it in
directions that threaten long-term national security, and even if
anyone, including me or you, run the risk of death by standing up for
what we believe in - even if all this is absolutely true - there are a
few things we can say about it;

1) what is right or wrong doesn't change because one is threatened or
not threatened
2) standing up for what you believe in is really the only viable
option in life - regardless the cost
3) just because something bad happens to someone - it doesn't change
the nature of what is right

for example, if a friend of mine dies being mugged, that doesn't mean
I give into the muggers does it?

The point is Brad, the first step is to understand yourself, and the
limits of your knowledge, and why some things are important to you,
and some things not. For example, why are the ideas of reference you
keep spouting again and again and again - as if you'd die from them -
important? Why are the things you don't do, date, make money, fall
in love, have kids, party with friends- less important to you than
writing this bullshit online all the time?

I just checked you made 853 posts so far in March. That's about 70
posts a day!!! At 6 minutes a post - that's 7 hours a day - with
meals, and bathroom breaks - that's 12 hours a day. This leaves 8
hours for sleeping and 4 hours a day to tend your many websites.

I get the image of a guy who sits in his momma's basement and is
online ALL THE TIME 24/7.

Dude, get out and get a tan. I'll send you a ticket to the Cayman
Islands Aruba or the Virgin Islands. Do you even have swim trunks?
I'll even send a hot hooker to go with you. There are a few good
looking ladies wanting to get out of the city since Spitzer gave up
his post. They'll show you a good time. I'll rent a place on seven
mile beach in the Cayman's for a week. Whadayasay?

Kristen's a good looker.

If you don't like here - check out what's available here

to find a Sugar Baby you like.

Then, we'll get a good therapist for you to visit every week when you
get back - and soon, you might feel good enough about yourself, to
actually take a class at college or something.

If you won't get off line why don't you limit your posts to say what I
post? Or put a strict limit of 6 hours a day.

Of course the interesting thing is that 7 hours is suspiciously close
to what government workers spend at work every day. So, that's
another factor in a Bayesian analysis that suggests you might be a
government worker all along... and your ideas of reference are
assigned you by the ...

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