Re: No escape tower on Dragon / Falcon 9

On Sep 26, 8:21 am, Borked Pseudo Mailed <nob...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I just noticed that SpaceX's Dragon capsule has no escape tower to pull the craft free from an exploding rocket during launch. I wonder if this can be considered an unacceptable safety risk since all other manned vehicles (Soyuz, Orion, Shenzhou) do have this feature. For a non-manned version this may not be a problem, though.

What do you guys think?

"Dragon would have both cargo and crew versions, which would appear
essentially the same. The biggest difference in appearance between the
two while sitting on the launch pad would be a conical solid-fuel
escape tower mounted on top of the crewed version of Dragon,"


On this page:

you can see crew and cargo versions of Dragon.