Re: Secret X-37B space plane has changed orbit

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The outer space treaty only bans WMD's, not conventional
weapons, lasers are exactly the opposite of mass weapons.

See Article IV: "The establishment of military bases, installations
and fortifications, the testing of any type of weapons and the conduct
of military maneuvers on celestial bodies shall be forbidden."

We aren't violating the treaty, but our stated space policy by
the military is reflected below. I'm saying the contradiction
between the two isn't appreciated.

Space Superiority Systems Wing

"The mission of the Space Superiority Systems Wing
is to develop, deliver, and sustain unrivaled space
control capabilities to ensure space superiority
for the joint warfighter."

Space Innovation & Development Center (SIDC)
"The mission is to advance full-spectrum warfare"

Joint Space Operations Center

" a synergistic command and control weapon system"
"The purpose ...operational employment of worldwide
joint space forces"

45th Space Wing

"We deliver space effects that protect and defend our nation
through Global Vigilance, Reach and Power.

"Control of the battlefield begins here."

'Space control'...'full-spectrum warfare'...'space superiority'.
...'space forces'...'space capabilities'...'joint warfighter'
....'space effects' (my favorite).

"A rose by any other name...."


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