Re: Maybe a means to the stars, IMO.

trigonometry1972@xxxxxxxxx | wrote:
This of course assumes there is something out there worth seeing.

Most the the time, the wild eye dreams to get to the stars propose
super fast travel means or a generation ship is proposed.

I always maintained altering human biology such that human live
vastly longer might be the way. If one lives a 1000 years or 10 000
a 100 year trip is doable, IMO.

One of the more interesting "speculative fiction" stories I recall is a multi-generational ship which is transporting only human DNA, either in cold store or as frozen eggs and sperm or (to inject some 21st century thinking) perhaps as only chemicals that can be synthesized into human DNA by computer from its archetype memory storage for fertilization and ex-vitro gestation at the destination (assuming arrival at an environmentally "friendly" planet).

Raised by robotic "parents" and using dropped stores to allow them to develop self-sufficiency these people are left to explore their new world as they grow from childhood into adults.

Basically the system consists of a trans-stellar fully automated excursion vehicle with many many "landers" that provide the human DNA, parental bots and self-sufficiency stores. The excursion vehicle drops off a lander at a promising planet and moves on to the next system on its own.

Since everything is in cold store or chemical store it is easier to transport, there is essentially none or minimal "life support" needed for the trans-stellar journeys of 100s to 1000s of years.

It becomes only a question of developing the "tech" to survive those kinds of intervals and, of course, a huge adjustment of social mores.