Unofficial Space Shuttle Manifest

Rev 27 Dec 2006

The following is the Unofficial Space Shuttle Manifest. This file gives the
launch dates, orbiter, and payloads for upcoming shuttle launches. The launch
time and orbit parameters are also given where available. Note that the
launch date and time are officially set about two weeks before launch at the
Flight Readiness Review (which usually selects the date and time in the
manifest). The manifest is also subject to a lot of shuffling and date
changing (which leads to the STS numbers not being in order) so beware when
planning to see a shuttle launch.

Please send changes and updates to:

Steven S. Pietrobon, Small World Communications, 6 First Avenue
Payneham South SA 5070, Australia fax +61 8 8332 3177

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For the latest and greatest information call the following:

1 800 572 4636 - Visitor Information Center information and next launch.
1 800 KSC INFO Florida 1 800 number. Florida only information thanks to
Richard F. Jones (rfj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
(321) 867 2468 - Cape Press Site ) thanks to Max White
(321) 494 5933 - USAF Public Affairs Office ) <max@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
(321) 867 4636 - Space shuttle mission information.
(321) 867 2314 - Recorded launch status during countdown.
(321) 867 2525 - Space shuttle launch preparations.
(321) 867 3900 - Space shuttle status line. Technical, lots of TLA's. Just
remember, we warned you.

Abbreviations used in manifest:

STS - (Space Transportation System) number of the flight. The STS numbers
may not be in order due to delays in some missions and changes in schedule once
an STS number has been assigned.

Date - Day Month Year - dd mm yy (Note that most launches are on Thursday.)

Time - Earliest launch time. The "S" means "U.S. Eastern Standard Time" and
"D" means "U.S. Eastern Daylight Time". All launch times are derived from
publically available information.

Missions to ISS have a 5-10 minute launch window, 51.60 degree inclination, and
a 328 km initial altitude.

The abbreviations for the Orbiter names are
Dis Discovery (OV-103)
Atl Atlantis (OV-104)
End Endeavour (OV-105)

Payload - Payloads in the cargo bay that are being launched.


STS Date Time Orbiter Payload
121 4 Jul 06 1438D Dis-32 ISS-18-ULF1.1, MPLM 1(P), ICC w/ORUs, LMC (DTO),
115 9 Sep 06 1115D Atl-27 ISS-19-12A, ITS P3/P4 (PV Module, 6 battery sets,
116 9 Dec 06 2047S Dis-33 ISS-20-12A.1, ITS P5 (PVRGF OSE), SPACEHAB-SM (4
RSRs, 4 RSPs, ISPR), ICC (Pump Module, DDCU CP,

317 9 Feb 07 - Atl-28 CSCS for STS-116
117 16 Mar 07 - Atl-28 ISS-21-13A, ITS S3/S4 (PV Module, 6 battery sets,
4 PAS), PVR, PFCS Rtn, 3CS
318 8 May 07 - End-20 CSCS for STS-117
118 28 Jun 07 - End-20 ISS-22-13A.1, ITS S5 (PVRGF OSE), SPACEHAB-SM,
ICC (EAS Rtn, PCU, 3 WVS Stanchions), ESP-3
320 26 Jul 07 - Atl-29 CSCS for STS-118
120 7 Sep 07 - Atl-29 ISS-23-10A, NODE 2 (4 DDCU Racks, 4 ZSRs), PDGF,
322 28 Sep 07 - Dis-34 CSCS for STS-120
122 17 Oct 07 - Dis-34 ISS-24-1E, Columbus APM (1 ZSR, 4 ISPRs),
123 8 Dec 07 - End-21 ISS-25-1J/A, JEM ELM PS (4 Sys, 3 ISPRs, 1 Stow),
ECSP, SLP-D1 (SPDM Dextre)
S = Eastern Standard Time (-5:00 GMT), D = Eastern Daylight Time (-4:00 GMT)

3CS Three Corner Satellite
ANDE Atmospheric Neutral Density Experiment
APM Attached Pressurized Module
CP Communications Processor?
CSCS Contingency Shuttle Crew Support
DDCU DC-to-DC Converter Unit
EAS Early Ammonia Servicer
ESP External Stowage Platform
FCAL Fence Calibration
FGB Functional Cargo Block
ICC Integrated Cargo Carrier
ISPR International Standard Payload Rack
ISS International Space Station
ITS Integrated Truss Structure
JEM Japanese Experiment Module
LMC Lightweight MPESS Carrier
MEPSI Micro-Electromechanical-Based Picosat Satellite Inspection Experiment
MPESS Multi-Purpose Experiment Support Structure
MPLM Multi-Purpose Logistics Module
MTSAS-A Module Truss Structure Attach System Active
MPLM Multi-Purpose Logistics Module
MT Mobile Transporter
ND Non-Deployable
NODE Node Module
NTA Nitrogen Tank Assembly
ORU Orbital Replaceable Unit
OSE Orbital Support Equipment
Px Port Truss Element
PAS Payload Attach System
PDGF Power and Data Grapple Fixture
PFCS Pump Flow Control Subassembly
PCU Plasma Contactor Unit
PS Pressurised Section
PV Photovoltaic
PVR Photovoltaic Radiator
PVRGF Photovoltaic Radiator Grapple Fixture
RAFT Radar Fence Transponder
RSP Resupply Stowage Platform
RSR Resupply Stowage Rack
Sx Starboard Truss Element
SLP Spacelab Pallet
SLP-D Spacelab Pallet Deployable
SMDP Service Module Debris Panels
SPDM Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator
SPDU Shuttle Power Distribution Unit
ULCAS Unpressurized Logistics Carrier Attach System
ULF Utilization and Logistics Flight
WVS Wireless Video System
ZSR Zero-g Stowage Rack


STS Date Orbiter Payload (continued)
124 29 Feb 08 Atl-30 ISS-26-1J, JEM PM Kibo (4 JEM Sys Racks, JEM RMS)
125 17 Apr 08 Dis-35 HST SM-04 (Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission)
119 19 Jun 08 End-22 ISS-27-15A, ITS S6 (PV Module, 6 battery sets), PFCS
126 21 Aug 08 Atl-31 ISS-28-ULF2, MPLM 1(P), LMC (NTA-S)
127 9 Oct 08 Dis-36 ISS-29-2J/A, JEM EF, JEM ELM ES (2 EF Payloads, ICS,
SFA w/carrier), CBC-S1 (ES Rtn), SLP-D2
128 15 Jan 09 End-23 ISS-30-17A, MPLM 3(A), LMC, 3 crew quarters, TVIS2,
129 9 Apr 09 Dis-37 ISS-31-ULF3, ELC1 (EXPRESS 1), ELC2 (AMS-02)
130 9 Jul 09 End-24 ISS-32-19A, MPLM 3(A), LMC
131 1 Oct 09 Dis-38 ISS-33-ULF4, ELC3 (EXPRESS 3), ELC4 (EXPRESS 4)
132 14 Jan 10 End-25 ISS-34-20A, NODE 3, CBC-D2 (Cupola), EXPRESS Pallet-2,
133 9 Jul 10 End-26 ISS-35-ULF5, ELC5 (EXPRESS 5), ELC1 (EXPRESS 1)
AMS Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer
CETA Crew and Equipment Translation Aid
EDO Extended Duration Orbiter
EF Exposed Facility
ELC EXPRESS Logistics Carrier
ELM Experimental Logistics Module
ES Exposed Section
EXPRESS Expedite the Processing of Experiments to the Space Station
CHeCS Crew Health Care System
ICBC IMAX Cargo Bay Camera
ICS Inter-Orbit Communication System
ISPR International Standard Payload Rack
ISS International Space Station
JEM Japanese Experiment Module
LMC Lightweight MPESS Carrier
LON Launch On Need
MPESS Multi-Purpose Experiment Support Structure
MPLM Multi-Purpose Logistics Module
MT Mobile Transporter
ND Non-Deployable
NODE Node Module
NTA Nitrogen Tank Assembly
ORU Orbital Replacement Unit
PM Payload Module
RMS Remote Manipulator System
ROEU Remotely Operated Electrical Umbilical
RSP Resupply Stowage Platform
RSR Resupply Stowage Rack
Sx Starboard Truss Element
SA Solar Arrays
SFA Small Fine Arm
SLP-D Spacelab Pallet Deployable
TVIS Treadmill with Vibration Isolation System
ULC Unpressurized Logistics Carrier

Cancelled Misions
ISS-UF3, MPLM 3(A) (ISPRs, 1 JEM Prox/ICS Rack, 1 RSR, 2 RSPs), SM MMOD ULC
Rtn, LMC (NTA-P)
ISS-UF4, EXPRESS Pallet-1, AMS-02, S3 Attached P/L, ROEU, ISS Sidewall
ISS-UF5, MPLM 3(A) (1 RSP, 2 RSP-2s, 1 RSR, ISPRs), LMC (2 EPF P/Ls)
ISS-UF6, MPLM 3(A) (2 RSPs, 2 RSP-2s, 1 RSR, ISPRs)

UF Utilisation Flight
SM MMOD Service Module Micro-Meteoroid Orbital Debris

Keepers of the manifest, in remembrance: Ken Hollis - 1990 to 9 March 1994