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No. You could make a flyby as long as you stayed west of the runway
centerline. At least that's the only permission I've seen granted.

Ah my mistake.

You need to establish contact and request permission long before you get
close, and it usually helps to listen and judge the traffic to see if
it's a slow day or not. If it isn't, we'd skip it.

Makes sense.

From looking at the NOTAMs, you need prior written permission to touch
down unless it's an emergency. And if it's not a dire emergency, NASA,
the FAA, and the DOD will MAKE it one. :-)

I'll throw some pics up on my website:

Note that the VAB is a big sugarcube on the horizon from a LONG LONG way
away. That thing is ENORMOUS.

(Also note that I'm a crap photographer.)

One time there was a cargo plane unloading a cylindrical silver object.
We landed and I saw a Florida Today headline saying that "the ISS node
Unity/PMA-1 arrived today" and showing a picture of the cylindrical
silver object being unloaded from a cargo plane. The photographer must
have been on the ramp as we flew over.


That was a really funny feeling.


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