Re: How an orbiter came back at the Cape from a TAL?

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Hi, i've googled a bit, but i found generic answers about this kind of
I know that mate 747, during ferry flights has climb limitation for
various reasons and isn't equipped for in-flight refueling.
Someone wrote about removing the three SSME and all the stuff that can
removed from the orbiter, but still a big 'jump' between Azores and
Newfoundland, 2200km.
Maybe the Northern Atlantic route has shorter legs but the cold is an
issue i think.
I remember that our acrobatic team (Frecce Tricolori) uses this route
a ferry flight reaching USA, during 90's and i clear remember the
airplanes (MB339-PAN with external tanks) in an Iceland or Greenland
airfield nearly frozen, even if covered with a cloth.
At this point, isn't more safe to carry the orbiter on the deck of a
carrier?.. it's just an example.


Gabriele, Italy.

Does anyone know the details of getting the equipment over that would
the orbiter up? Would the one at Edwards be disassembled and flown

Danny Deger

An orbiter doing a TAL landing (with a payload) would likely mean they
use boxes to return the pieces.

Not so. Anyways, all TAL's have a payload. The orbiter can take the

And TAL is more about saving the crew than the orbiter. I have it on fairly
high authority that a TAL would be a game-ender for the program.

The gamer ender would be due to the reason for the TAL and not the
actual TAL landing.

I have it on fairly high authority that it isn't
I have it on fairly high authority that fairly high authority is
rarely authoritative.
Jim in Houston.

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